Break it Down. Build a Fabulous System!

For those of you who know me, you know I LOVE to travel. I’ve lived in Europe 3 times, in Asia once and am currently planning a 2nd European trip for 40 friends and family (yes, I know, I’m slightly crazy!) Obviously, planning a trip for a large number of people is not easy. However, I do it because I’ve heard time and time again “Sarah, if you weren’t planning this trip, I would never go.”

With travel, there are so many moving parts and people can get confused, overwhelmed, and never start. What a shame! In my opinion everyone should experience the joys of traveling and everyone has the ability to plan a trip. 

Thinking through this predicament, I started mapping out the process I go through each time I plan a trip either for myself, for a few friends, or for 40 friends. I realized that you can break the process down into 2 simple steps: 1) find a place to sleep and 2) figure out how to get there. 

I’m serious! All you really need to do when planning a trip is to find a place to sleep (hotel, hostel, B&B, etc) and then figure out how to get there (plane, train, car, bus, etc). 

As I’m sharing these steps with friends, I get a lot of blank looks and stares of disbelief. “But Sarah, what am I going to see when I get there? Where am I going to eat? What about this? What about that?” And the questions go on and on. 

My response: “Those things can be dealt with later”. They can even be dealt with after you arrive. They should not be the roadblocks that are keeping you at home. When it comes down to it, if you complete the two steps of finding a place to sleep and figuring out how to get there you’re on your way to a fabulous vacation!  Save the other details for later!

This often comes as a surprise to people but it’s all about establishing priorities and a step-by-step system of what’s important to do now and what can be addressed later.

So how does this relate to you building a fabulous system for your business? 

The principles are the same. Whether you have processes within your business that you haven’t set up because they have too many moving parts, or you have tasks sitting in your “business junk drawer” to “think about later,” you can use these principles to make your business operations smoother and your life easier! 

Pull out that process and think of it in terms of planning a trip. Break it down. Establish priorities and a step-by-step system of what’s important to do now and what can be addressed later.  

For example, for those who have avoided creating a customer setup and billing process, think about what simple data points you REALLY need for this. Write those down. I’m guessing you’ll have a list very similar to this: customer name, address, bill amount and contact information. 

Now STOP. 


Like with travel, there is a lot more involved. However, just like you need only two steps to planning travel, you only need a few simple data points to create a successful  customer setup and billing process.  

Focus on those few data points and block out everything else. Don’t deny yourself a fabulous process because your mind is going in too many different directions. Shut your mind down and focus on the few simple, essential data points and you’ll be on your way to setting up fabulous processes. 

Who knows, maybe you’ll end up planning trips to extraordinary foreign places, too!


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