The 3 Worst Ways Your Bad Processes Impact Customers

Only you and your employees know about the bad processes that are slowing down your business, right? While you may assume that nobody else knows about your dirty little secret, it’s very likely that it reveals itself in a number of ways that affect your customers.

Unfortunately, a single bad process has far-reaching implications. Take note of the three worst ways your flawed system impacts your customers:

  1. Poor customer service: It’s hard to deliver stellar customer service when your employees are bogged down with clunky processes and systems. When employees are consistently distracted by cumbersome invoicing systems, difficult point-of-purchase processes or other chores that take their attention, they don’t have time or focus to make customers happy. Eliminate this problem by fixing processes that don’t work well. Streamline tasks so that they are easy for employees to do, don’t take extreme mental focus and allow them the chance to make an effort to provide excellent customer service.

  2. Mistakes: Everybody makes mistakes and no business is perfect. But, you should strive to be. Customers aren’t always willing to accept mistakes, especially if they inconvenience them. Communication, billing, fulfillment and quality errors can cause a loyal customer to leave your company, moving his business to a competitor. Losing a customer to a flawed system is a tough pill to swallow. Consider analyzing your processes that seem to be error-prone and identify solutions that will help you keep customers.

  3. No company growth: Corporate growth is hard to achieve when the daily tasks don’t allow much time for strategizing. Your customers will notice that your competitors are growing, evolving and adding new services/products to their line ups. When you aren’t able to keep up, due to battling complicated systems holding you back, they will be forced to settle for less or transition their business to your competitor. This isn’t a good move for your business and it’s unfair to your customers. They expect more from you and your business. Address flawed processes that seem to be limiting your success. Streamline them so that you and your employees can focus on growth, rather than just making it through another day.

Your business can only move as quickly and efficiently as your slowest task. If you’ve noticed that you’re feeling limited due to a cumbersome billing process, fix it. Analyze quality control issues and establish solutions for them. Don’t keep fighting a war on processes that, with a little time and attention, can be rectified. Determine the problems and strive to fix them. 

Clear Simple Business can help! When you think that a system is beyond repair, it probably just needs a little attention to streamline it. We take pride in helping our clients become more efficient and serve their customers better. Call us today for a consultation!


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